Surly and Dangerous Man tease "blutpakt" collaboration

Surly, Minnesota's most prominent craft brewer, and Dangerous Man, probably Minnesota's best craft brewer, are making a blood pact.

Just what that "blutpakt" entails isn't so clear, but (as the Growler reports) the two breweries simultaneously tweeted the same gory image at 3:15 p.m. yesterday implying that they're in cahoots.

— surlybrewing (@surlybrewing) May 4, 2016

Now, there are several things this could mean. The most immediate answer is that the two are making a collaborative brew, something Surly is definitely known for. But the "brotherhood" mentioned in Dangerous Man's tweets probably means the agreement goes deeper than that.

Smart money (and some hopeful speculation) says that brewers Todd Haug and Rob Miller have reached an agreement for Dangerous Man to can beer on Surly's premises for liquor store distribution and, perhaps for the first time, availability outside of Minnesota. (Dangerous Man beer is currently only available on tap and in their growler shop).

Of course, this is only speculation, and the two brewhouses could just be hosting a Magic the Gathering tournament. Either way, it should be big news for the Twin Cities beer scene. 

Update: Some damning evidence unearthed by MNBeer suggests the collaboration will just be a beer, though technically that does mean Dangerous Man will be canned at Surly and distributed and we were right.