Surly 12-packs are arriving just in time for summer

Surly Instagram

Surly Instagram

Aside from a few splashes of rain, Twin Cities weather is supposed to cooperate this Memorial Day weekend.

Some sun, temperatures in high 60s, low 70s. Such conditions would drive a Southern Californian to reach for some kind of seasonal jacket you probably haven't even heard of. But based on the turnout for last weekend's cloudy, cold, and wet Art-a-Whirl, Minnesotans are itching to get outside, and will not be discouraged.

Let them be encouraged, then, by their new beer-drinking companions: Surly Brewing announced Monday they're rolling out the first two packs of 12-ounce, 12-can varieties in company history. 

Minnesota's rebellious little brewery is all grown up! In its own way. In announcing the release of 12-packs, Surly states its hope is to "turn the beer world on its goddamn ear." For starters, that means Surly Xtra Citra and Surly #MERICA -- "our two most popular summer beers," they say -- are hitting liquor stores this week in Minnesota and Illinois. (Other Surly states will have to wait until the first week in June.)

Surly Hell is tentatively scheduled to make its 12-pack debut in late June, while its flagship Furious brand isn't expected to hit stores until late July. 

In the meantime, those beers will still be sold in the classic four-pack-of-pounders style, as will both Xtra Citra and #MERICA. By comparison, these 12-ounce cans will seem "freaking adorable," Surly says.

Plus, there will be three times as many of them. And there's less time (four ounces' worth) for the can to get warm in your hand when you're drinking in the sun. It's been a while since this was much of a concern for Minnesotans. Give it a try this weekend. It'll feel novel, and yet, somehow familiar.