Surfrider's guerrila ad campaign targets seafood eaters


How'd you like to see this for sale in your local supermarket's seafood case?

The Provisions Library explains the new Surfrider Foundation campaign:

In their continuing efforts to battle the ever growing mounds of garbage polluting our oceans and coastlines, Surfrider Foundation joined forces with Saatchi & Saatchi LA to sponsor the aptly titled Catch of the Day guerrilla ad campaign. Trash was collected from beaches across the US, then sorted, packaged like seafood, and strategically placed around local farmers' markets. Directly targeting seafood consumers, this creative campaign draws attention to the gross debris littering our oceans and highlights how this pollution affects the consumer directly through the food they eat. Even if you're not partial to seafood, its hard to miss the message!

The campaign makes Tim McKee's sustainable seafood concept for the Guthrie restaurant seem all the more relevant. I checked in with McKee about it and he told me that they plan to be very diligent about sourcing fish raised/and or caught in environmentally sustainable ways (they're considering pursuing Marine Stewardship Council certification). The health of our oceans, McKee says, "is kind of a bleak picture," which is why he's pushing for more customer awareness about sustainable seafood. "It's something people should be aware of," he says. "Just because they can buy it, doesn't mean they should."