Supertaster James Norton reviews "dead shellfish ale"

Supertaster James Norton reviews "dead shellfish ale"


Check out Heavy Table's James Norton choke back some unnaturally-hued Budweiser & Clamato in this two minute video for Chow.

Beer Advocate shares Norton's disgust, giving the 24 ounce product a D- overall.

Funny stuff. And oddly enough, it sort of makes me want to try one. It reminds me of "The Gross-Out Family" SNL skit -- remember? -- from way back when (which is -- nowhere -- to be found online, unfortunately).

It features a family, which includes guest star Tom Hanks flanked by the star-studded ensemble of Chris Farley, Jan Hooks, Mike Myers and Julia Sweeney, all trying sour milk one after the other.

They move on to insist on trying, domino-style, a succession of gross things, like feeling Chris Farley's sweat and falling down the stairs. Good times.

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