Super Bowl wing sales off the charts


Photo by rick via Flickr

We all know wings are bigass big for Super Bowl noshing, but just how big is bigass, exactly? Well, it's hands-down Buffalo Wild Wings' biggest day of the year. Last year, the Minneapolis-based chain sold nearly four million wings in honor of the Giants-Patriots matchup.

That's 524,925 pounds, people, not to mention 1.2 million birds without flight. And what about some sauce with that? Over 41,000 bags of it marched out the door with the birds. The bulk of the supersized sales on gameday are takeout, the company says: almost 75 percent in 2008.

A spokesperson says the company doesn't have any projections for this year's game sales, for example if concerns about money mean more people will be cooking up their own wings (a la CityPages DIY-On-The-Fly) but history suggests it's up up and away.

Last year's sales were an increase of 600,000 wings over 2007.

Buffalo Wild Wings has 22 locations in Minnesota.