Super Bowl recipes from Snoop Dogg and Glee cast [VIDEOS]

Learn the secret recipe of Snoop's Eight-Layer-Dip

Learn the secret recipe of Snoop's Eight-Layer-Dip

The Super Bowl is fast approaching. It is the day of the most traditional American sporting event that allows an entire population of environmentally aware, health-conscious, wannabe-locavore Americans to forgo their sensibility and enjoy a year's worth of glutton in dips, wings, and pizzas.

Although foodie sites like and make it look like you have to actually cook your own food for the Super Bowl party, these celebrity recipe videos are sure to get you in the mood for the big day without all the hassle.


So, they are more store-bought items assembled into something with a different name. But the cast of Glee does their best and most adorable job discussing the superiority of the five-layer dip and inventing a new verb "to crock pot."

And here you get to hear Snoop Dogg say, "Bone-a-pet-Teet," "Oh-Ray-ga-no" and "Oh-cont-Rair-mona-Mee." Can you ask for more?