Sunnyside Up Cafe RIP

Sunnyside Up goes down...

Sunnyside Up goes down...

The longtime Lyndale Avenue breakfast/lunch spot, Sunnyside Up, won't be rousing any more sleepyheads.

The Southwest Journal noted that the restaurant hasn't been open for several days and that a few of the building's front windows had been broken and boarded up. The business's phone number is disconnected.


Sunnyside was a cheery, casual, somewhat grungy space, with colorful, often syrup-sticky oilcloths covering the tables. Visitors complained about the long lines, lengthy waits, and lack of credit card machine, but typically enjoyed the kitchen's output of modestly priced eats. Sunnyside served basic breakfasts of eggs and toast as well as biscuits and gravy and blue corn pancakes, but its best legacy may be its Corn Flake-coated Santa Fe Railroad French toast.