Sunday sales, this time including growlers, fails again


Last Monday, the provision that would allow taprooms to sell growlers on Sundays was removed from the Sunday sales liquor bill by the Senate Tax Committee. A growler amendment was later added to the bill and passed through the Senate. The bill was then stalled. See also: Sunday growler sales removed from liquor bill

On Thursday morning, the House amended an unrelated gambling bill to include the sale of alcohol in taprooms on Sunday, leaving out Sunday growler and liquor sales in general. The gambling bill passed overwhelmingly. The Senate voted to concur with the House version, allowing taprooms to open on Sunday, but effectively killing off any possibility of Sunday liquor or growler sales.

"While I am pleased about the tiny steps forward on Sunday sales -- including allowing tap rooms to be open on Sundays... I'm disappointed that the Senate isn't doing more this Session to support the quickly-growling craft beer industry," Roger Reinert (DFL-Duluth) said in a statement.

The biggest opponent to Sunday sales is the Teamsters Union, a group responsible for delivering alcohol on behalf of wholesalers, says Reinert. The Teamsters are worried that Sunday sales would require them to reopen contracts, but have yet to produce any evidence, Reinert told Hot Dish last week.

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