Sun Street Breads by Solveig Tofte coming soon

Sun Street takes its farmers market stand four seasons!

Sun Street takes its farmers market stand four seasons!

After getting her feet wet with a stand at the Kingfield Farmers Market, Solveig Tofte, Turtle Bread's longtime head baker--and fourth-place finisher in the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie international artisan baking competition--plans to open her own bakery and cafe with her husband, Martin.

Here's how she describes the place on her website:


We'll have breads and pastries and I'm definitely doing a doughnut day. We'll have hot food, sandwiches for the AM and the PM, braised and roasted meats, lots of greens and beans, soups and salads... basically the stuff you eat every day, with an obvious emphasis on breads. I can't pretend we're breaking much new ground here (I do have a few tricks up my sleeve), but I can promise delicious baked goods and real food and we're going to do our damnedest to be the happiest place in town.

Sun Street will move into 4600 Nicollet (the strip mall with the Caribou) and plans to open mid-March 2011.