Summit releases second brew in "Unchained Series"

Summit's new 90/- Scottish Style Ale.

Summit's new 90/- Scottish Style Ale.

You've gotta hand it to Summit. They're doing a good job of keeping themselves on peoples' radars, all while making some good beer and appearing to have some good fun in the process too. The St. Paul brewery unleashed the second beer in its new "Unchained Series" this week. The 90/- Scottish-style ale, invented by brewer Eric Blomquist, is described as " ... traditional Wee Heavy style, [a] hearty brew [with] a rich mahogany color, caramel notes, and a hint of herbal flavor." Pizza Luce locations hosted sneak peeks last Thursday.

The 90/- uses 100% malted Golden Promise, a barley variety grown in Scotland, as its base malt. Also in the mix are roasted barley, crystal and brown malts imported from the UK along with locally produced wheat malt to add further depth, complexity, and richness. In order to complement the malt, a combination of Target and Willamette hops are used along with the addition of wild Scottish heather to allow for some herbal and floral attributes. Heather is a low-growing flowering evergreen shrub which has been used in brewing for thousands of years.

Sounds pretty damn tasty to us! You can check it out fo yoself Monday with the Blomquist himself if you like. He and Summit Founder Mark Stutrud will be pouring pints at the Cherokee Sirloin Room in West St. Paul from 4 - 7 p.m. The first beer in the series, a German-style Kölsch, was quite popular -- as well as pretty damn tasty itself. Next one's up in the spring. Stay tuned!