Summit among Top 50 breweries nationwide


The Brewers Association announced the nation's Top 50 craft brewing and overall brewing companies for 2008, and Summit made both of them. The St. Paul brewery ranked #17 among craft brewers and #27 in the overall category. The rankings are based on sales volume. Not bad, guys!

Wisconsin's New Glarus Brewing Company was the next closest Midwestern representative on the craft brewing list -- and came in at #32 overall. Michigan-based Bell's ranked #13. In the overall category, Schell came in #25 and Cold Spring #48 (huh?). The Monroe Wis.-based Minhas (huh?x2)was #14.

The association defines "craft brewing companies" as those that are small (producing less than 2 million barrels a year), independent (less than 25 percent owned by industry) and traditional (has an "all malt flagship" or at least 50 percent of its volume in all-malt or beers that use adjuncts to enhance flavor).