Subzero temps shutter local restaurants

Who's serving soup tonight?
Who's serving soup tonight?
Sasha Landskov

If you're heading out for dinner tonight, you might want to double check on your reservations. The ridiculous temperatures have forced several of our favorite dinner spots to close and one even seems to be suffering from frozen pipes.

Here's a quick rundown of just some of the spots that are shutting down for the night:

- Butcher & the Boar had planned to open for dinner service tonight, but their pipes had other plans. They're currently stuck without water and won't be able to open.

- Chef Thomas Kim shared with Rabbit Hole fans on Facebook and Twitter, "The weather is looking a little too crazy for this Cali boy so we will be closing the restaurant Monday 6th."

- Both of the Wadi brothers' restaurants, World Street Kitchen and Saffron, have decided to close until tomorrow. 

- North Loop hot spot, Borough announced it will not be serving dinner this evening, adding "We would like to apologize on behalf of Minnesota for this inconvenience." The downstairs bar Parlour will be open, however, serving cocktails and popcorn.

- Sustainable seafood fans are out of luck as well. Sea Change at the Guthrie will be closed tonight.

- Doug Flicker's Piccolo had by far the best closure announcement: "Piccolo will be closed tomorrow due to statewide panic and general lack of interest in being outdoors. We advise wearing layers combined with moderate to severe consumption of hot chocolate and/or Bourbon. Possibly together."

- JD Fratzke of the already-closed-on-Mondays Strip Club Meat and Fish proudly posted a picture of himself lounging outside in his backyard with the caption: "Remember folks; exposed red Burgundy can freeze in less than 5 minutes in these temperatures. Please do take care." 

If you're determined to be out and about tonight, there are a couple of hearty souls who would be happy to host you:

- Spill the Wine in Uptown is not just open, but offering half-priced bottles of wine tonight. 

- Sapor in the North Loop is offering to take the temperature off your bill, which means 20% off for -20 temps.

- Masu in Northeast and the Mall of America are open for regular business and it's hard to stay cold with that tonkatsu ramen in your belly.

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