Stub & Herb's is going loco for local beer

In a move that may ruffle some feathers, Stub & Herb's has announced that they are choosing to abandon many of their popular out-of-state beers, and instead shift to a hardcore focus on local brews. News broke from the horse's mouth on the message boards over at

I am about to make some changes that may make some of you unhappy. We have worked really hard at Stub's to turn our place into a haven of great American craft beers over the last three years. It has been a blast. However, now there are many great beer bars that do a fantastic job of supporting craft beer in our community.

When we made our change a few years back it was a goal of mine to support local beer as well as craft beer. Somewhere along the line, I strayed from my commitment to the local guys. We have not supported breweries like Summit, Flat Earth and Brau Brothers to the degree that I think we should. In the last few months, all of the breweries that I just mentioned have stepped up their game by offering products that continue to get better and more consistent. All of the local breweries deserve more support from us at Stub's.

As for the menu changes, count me a fan. One of the things I enjoy most about traveling the world is finding gems of bars with surprisingly tasty regional beers on tap. If Stub & Herb's can become that bar for our little corner of the earth, more power to 'em.

Unfortunately, the message board thread (login required) descends into a nice little flame war regarding the locality—or lack thereof—of certain Minnesota residents who, at least for the time being, contract brew out of a Wisconsin facility. To which I say: Forget the controversy over Fulton. (Oops! I gave it away.) Any beer from Wisconsin should be considered local. While we're at it, let's include Iowa beer too. (Wait a second...Iowa beer?)

So what's your definition of local? (And we're not just talking beer here.) Are you a 100-mile mealer? Eat only what you can grow yourself? If that avocado's not from Chile, it's as good as local?

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