Strip Club Meat & Fish pours the metro's first cocktails on tap

The Jamo Toe and Pimm's Cup
The Jamo Toe and Pimm's Cup

Ever on the cutting edge of the craft cocktail revolution, the Strip Club Meat & Fish has added two new drinks to its menu. The drinks are versions of summer favorites experienced bar-goers have likely tasted before; what's unique is the way Strip Club is serving them--on tap.

The idea began with a very lucky couple and a country wedding.

Let's just say it pays to be friends with the Strip Club's Dan Oskey. In addition to being recognized as one of the elite bartenders in the metro area, he's an excellent guest. Two friends of his were getting married at an off-the-grid sort of location. Oskey offered to bring some drinks for the celebration. He figured out a way to premix a gigantic batch of cocktails, load it into a keg, and charge the whole thing with carbonation. Then he hauled the concoction to the wedding. Oskey says he wasn't even sure it was going to work, but when the keg was tapped, the drinks flowed, and the guests were elated with their beverages.

Oskey and Tim Niver, his drink-making accomplice and part owner of the Strip Club, decided, why not add a couple of drink taps to their roster of creative refreshments? They soon debuted the first Pimm's Cup sold on tap in Minnesota. A few days later they added a Jamo Toe -- a lively mix of Jameson and their homemade ginger beer. While cocktails have been served on tap in New York, and there is an English precedent for Pimm's on draught, Niver says they aren't aware of anyone pouring drinks this way in the Cities.

The drinks on tap are seasonally refreshing. The Pimm's Cup is full of herby flavor, with a refreshing, crisp cucumber twist. The Jamo Toe is the most refreshing version of whiskey ever to hit a lowball, full of fizz and sunshine.

Both are available for a limited time for $9.50. Like everything on the menu at the Strip Club, these drinks are best savored at the height of the season.
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The Strip Club Meat & Fish

378 Maria Ave.
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