Strib food editor encourages nutrition with food art


This is awesome (and where have we been?). Strib Food Editor Lee Svitak Dean has put together some posters promoting nutrition a) featuring prominent historical figures and b) made out of food! We like the Einstein one. They make us think of the seed art at the state fair (remember the Mark Wheat one? Everyone remembers the Mark Wheat one.)

The great blog Obama Foodorama got some of the lowdown on the poster of the prez:

[T]he jacket is made from collards, pear and turnip; skin and hair from black and mahogany rice, cracked wheat, flax seed, millet and wheat berries; facial features from cashews, garlic, jalapeno, olives, oyster mushrooms, peppercorns, pickles, raisins, red onion, tapioca.

Nice! And guess what. You too can get your very own "Eat Smart" poster.