Stone Arch Sling at Spoonriver: A landmark drink of the week

East meets Midwest in Spoonriver's Stone Arch Sling.

East meets Midwest in Spoonriver's Stone Arch Sling.

Stone Arch Sling Spoonriver Restaurant $9.50

For even the heartiest and halest winter-faring Minnesotan, the arrival of spring, so vibrant on the heels of months of shades of gray, feels a lot like Dorothy emerging from her crashed up black and white farmhouse into an exotic Technicolor blaze. Embrace this opportunity to explore your city with new eyes. Get outside. Be a tourist. Stroll St. Anthony Main, hop on a bike and cruise along the Mississippi, then unwind in relaxed, earthy style at Spoonriver, sipping on a Stone Arch Sling.

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When all the world is singing, your skin is bared, and slip-on shoes have taken the place of snow boots, it's high time to toast with something sweet, fruity, and off the beaten path. Try this take on a Singapore Sling, a drink made famous at the Raffles Hotel at the turn of the 20th century. Spoonriver shakes things up by replacing the typical London dry gin base liquor with Old Overholt rye whiskey, incorporating a sharp, peppery, and bitter flavor with a touch of mellow sweetness. The cocktail rounds out with additions of Cherry Heering, Bénédictine, and citrus.

Make the most of your spring awakening with fresh, veggie-heavy fare alongside your Stone Arch Sling, which comes garnished with a skewer full of real maraschinos, and served in a tall, slender glass; it's as pretty and pink as the sunset over that iconic bridge. Hop on that patio between spurts of mid-April snow like a true Minnesotan, and celebrate your city with a happy hour excursion to the unknown. Get a head start on your mad dash of warm weather revelry: The start of spring is really just a countdown to next winter.

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