Stilheart cocktail lounge—from Lawless and Bittercube—to open in the North Loop

Stilheart's lower level (pictured) features bar-side views directly into the distillery

Stilheart's lower level (pictured) features bar-side views directly into the distillery Courtesy Stilheart

Bestil my boozy heart! 

A new, two-story distillery concept from the folks at Lawless Distilling Co. and Bittercube Bitters is coming to Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood very soon. Located at North Second Street and Third Avenue North in a historic building dating back to the 1880s, Stilheart Distillery and Cocktail Lounge (all-caps styling theirs) will offer 16 tap cocktails, plenty of room to chill on both floors, and have distillery production space in its basement. A selection of drinks ranging from traditional offerings to low- and no-proof sippers is expected to be on offer.

At the forefront of Stilheart’s efforts is Kirsten Karnitz, who only recently departed from her role at Lawless earlier this year, and Jeff Fricke, who will assume the role of lead distiller at the new cocktail room while maintaining the distilling initiatives he’s led at Lawless since 2018. 

Together, Karnitz and Fricke boil down their mission at Stilheart to one of delivering an “efficient, consistent, and sustainable cocktail experience,” which is key—and oh-so rare—in the world of micro-distilling these days. At the core of Stilheart is demonstrating Lawless and Bittercube’s versatility to patrons through selection and flavor, without the traditional craft cocktail wait times. 

Courtesy Stilheart

Courtesy Stilheart

Bars will be located on both floors, with that of the lower level featuring a view directly into the distillery. Think of Stilheart as kind of like a very modern taproom, but for cocktails—and far more comfortable than any beerhall you’ve whiled away an afternoon in.

Meanwhile, Stilheart’s booze-cousins at Lawless and Bittercube remain focused on growth in their own ways, including an emphasis on expanding their legendarily whimsical production and distillery space in Seward into 2020.

Precisely when can we expect to lounge so hard and sip with pinkies up at the brand new Stilheart? Our sources say “fall 2019” looks to be the ticket. 

Stilheart Distillery and Cocktail Lounge 
124 Third Ave. N., Minneapolis