Steven Brown out at Porter & Frye


Restaurant photo courtesy

I heard some disappointing news this weekend--Steven Brown is no longer executive chef at Porter & Frye.

In addition to being one of the most creative, talented chefs in town, Brown's a guy a lot of other chefs like working with--that's how he was able to assemble such a rockstar staff (including the likes of Doug Flicker, Erik Anderson, Josh Habiger, Abraham Sanchez, Mark McGraw, Landon Schoenfeld, etc.)

In the past year or so, Brown and his crew have created all sorts of innovative dishes--a pork terrine that looked pretty as a pricess cake, the arugula salad with golden beets and kumquats bursting from a spiral bread tube, the previously lauded celery bisque--so I'm disappointed that Brown won't have P&F's deep talent and deep pockets that helped make those things happen. For the sake of the dining public, I hope it's not too long before Brown gets back behind the stove.