Stella's charges $100 for rooftop seats


Seriously? Seriously? We know that everyone loves a good roof deck--the things have been popping up in Uptown and downtown faster than you can order a Long Island iced tea--but CJ's reporting that one of the most notable ones, Stella's Fish Cafe in Uptown, is requiring a $100 per person minimum for rooftop seats during peak hours. As if we weren't already irritated enough by, say, the fact that Stella's happy hour specials don't apply to rooftop seats (they're good in the main bar only), and now they pull this?

Reader Caryn Goldberg said she arrived for her 6 p.m. reservation at Stella's and requested a seat on the patio only to be informed that inside seats had no minimum, but rooftop ones were at a $100 premium. Goldberg and co. left Stella's and dined on Cowboy Slim's patio instead (I'm sorry).

If the market can support such a fee, then so be it: That's economics for you. But I suspect that as soon as Uptown Cafeteria opens (any minute now), potential Stella's patrons will be taking their business across the street to Parsole's cheaper pastures. Would you spend $100 for a seat at Stella's?