Steak Bouquet: the perfect gift for your carnivorous valentine

We've heard of Edible Arrangements, but this one takes the cake, er...steak. 

The lifestyle blog Hungeree posted the photo below of a beef bouquet, created by British butcher Anthony Bowness of Quality Standard Beef and Lamb. Bowness, who, by his own admission, eschews sweets and sappy cards, said he got the idea when he sincerely thought about what he would like as a Valentine's Day gift and, being a man who is very dedicated to his craft, thought meat was the obvious answer.
After playing around with shaping and nestling, the result was a very good likeness of a bouquet of red roses. He simply swapped out the petals for strips of raw sirloin. 

Beef my valentine
Beef my valentine
​No word on whether these will ever be a deliverable item (maybe try jerky, but that seems better for an ex), but they certainly get the wheels spinning on some other ideas for next year's creative gifts for your foodie sweetheart. We'd like a basket of brisket, please.

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