State shutdown suspends MillerCoors sales

No more Miller Lite?

No more Miller Lite?

If you love the MGD, you better stock up while you can. The state shutdown is temporarily shutting down the sale of MillerCoors products in Minnesota. According to state officials, the brewing conglomerate failed to renew its license before the shutdown began. They have been told to remove all of their 39 brands from store shelves in a matter of days. [jump]

The state requires brewers to have a separate brand registration for every beer sold in the state. Without that registration license, a beer may not be sold. According to the Department of Public Safety officials, none of the brands produced by MillerCoors have a current license, so they are not allowed to operate in the state. In an interview aired on KSTP Channel 5 News last night, a representative of the agency stated, "We are bound by statute. We can't work around the statutes that are in place. Our agents have looked closely at those statutes and there's nothing in there that allows us to make any exception for anybody."

A brewery spokesperson stated that application and checks were mailed before the government shutdown, but conceded that they were not processed in time. Still, the brewery claims that it did everything they could to renew the licenses. They intend to dispute the stoppage.

Perhaps the real victims of this are small liquor store owners for whom sales of MillerCoors products make up a large percentage of revenue.

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