State Fair's fried pig ears make list of nation's weirdest fair foods

Spam--a lot at the state fair
Spam--a lot at the state fair
tsuacctnt via

Here's a little preview to start you salivating for the State Fair: Minnesota made the list of the strangest state fair foods--twice--in this month's Travel and Leisure.

It is surprising that we can offer anything as skin-crawling as, say, Arizona's fried mealworms and scorpions, but two of our savory offerings made the list (and no, neither of them is on a stick). The first, spam curds, have their own Facebook fan page, which boasts a couple dozen fans and two reviews: "Nast. I would give you 1/16 of a star if possible," writes Lauren Stendahl, while Jacky Bandholz writes, "Yay!" and gives the curds 5 stars.

The second Minnesota standout is a new offering this year, deep-fried pig ears, "cut to look like curly fries, with a chipotle glaze." If your friends give you a basket of "curly fries" to snack on at the fair, be forewarned.

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