Starbucks to serve...dinner?


This week, Starbucks reopened its Olive Way store in Seattle as an expression of the company's new approach to store design and their commitment to reducing their environmental impact. In an effort to seem more relevant to their communities, the design incorporates reclaimed and recycled materials and furniture as well as the work of local artists.

More interesting to foodies, Starbucks is also testing out an expanded food menu--cheeses, cured meats, and other savory items--along with wine and beer selections to give customers more reasons to stop by the shops in the afternoon and evenings.

Check out this USA Today video that gives a sneak peak into the new store and the changes Starbucks has in store:

When might we expect these sorts of changes come to Minnesota Starbucks? When I posed that question to Starbuck's press office, the answer they gave me could not have been more generic: "If this concept is successful, we will look at select stores across the country, in the right neighborhoods."

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