Star Tribune unmasks '@RuthBourdain,' New York food humorist from Edina

Ruth Bordain revealed

Ruth Bordain revealed

Today New York foodies remember what it felt like to discover Santa Claus doesn't exist, and both the unmasker and the unmasked are from Minnesota. Star Tribune Taste editor Lee Svitak Dean snatched away the anonymity of the popular Tweeter "Ruth Bordain" when she saw a man tweeting in synch with Ruth's account at a food conference in North Carolina.  


Ruth Bourdain is the mixed personality of former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl and badboy chef Anthony Bourdain and in real life is (spoiler alert) Edina native Robert Sietsiema, food critic for the Village Voice.

@RuthBordain's Twitter gems are a hybrid of flowery food writing and a parody of Bordain's renegade chef personality:

In his post in the Strib today, Dean says Sietsiema "wanted to be found out," although the reveal is probably more happenstance than investigative. We bet most of Ruth's 45,000 fans will continue soaking up "her" tweets just as they have in the past, as it was humor and not anonymity that attracted them in the first place.

Even Anthony Bourdain himself has come out to say he feels flattered by the parody account, so to "Ruth" we say, 'Tweet on, girl.'