Star Thrower Farm's must-try sheep's milk cheeses

Look for this sheep's milk yogurt at the Wedge soon.

Look for this sheep's milk yogurt at the Wedge soon.

Star Thrower Farm owners Deborah and Scott Pikovsky (if Scott's name sounds familiar that's because he owns Great Ciao, the gourmet food distributorship) started raising Icelandic sheep in Glencoe, Minnesota, in 2007, and this summer, they're offering their meat, cheeses, and fleece at the Fulton Farmers Market (49th and Chowen in south Minneapolis) on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Among the cheeses to sample on a recent visit were a soft, pungent-but-not-overwhelming raw milk Camembert-style cheese and a firmer, sharper, aged raw milk tomme. Star Thrower also makes skyr, a thick, creamy, Icelandic-style yogurt with an assertive barnyard tang that's generally lacking in its cow's milk cousins. (For some the flavor might be a little much to eat plain, though it can add a nice complexity when used to make, say, raita or topped with fruit or granola.) Soon, Star Thrower skyr will be available at the Wedge co-op.

Star Thrower's booth also sells lamb meat and some fabulous sheepskins that would be great to pile on or burrow into during the winter months. For more information on Star Thrower Farms, see its website (warning: baby lamb photos may cause cute overload!)