Stanley's expansion to include new rooftop patio

Stanley's expansion to include new rooftop patio

It looks as though northeast Minneapolis might be getting in on the rooftop patio action. According to a new report from The Journal, Stanley's Northeast Bar Room is looking to expand and the expansion plans are reaching for the stars.

The Northeast bar and restaurant plans to tear up their current patio in order to use the space for an expanded kitchen -- to accommodate increased traffic and help with their food truck endeavors. The expansion would essentially double their current kitchen space, and the patio seating would then move from the ground floor up to the kitchen roof and could potentially include its own full service bar.

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The new kitchen will make room for expanded catering services. 
The new kitchen will make room for expanded catering services. 

The plans are not yet set in stone, and owners are still waiting on final cost estimates and approval from the city, but so far it seems as though Nordeasterners could have their very own rooftop patio very soon.

According to The Journal report, Stanley's GM Luke Derheim says, "Our kitchen is just way too small right now, and for what we're doing with our food truck and catering we decided to expand." He adds that, "with the way it is now in Northeast with popular bar crawls and large groups it will be beneficial to have extra space for some larger tables."

Stanley's has been working for months getting input from their neighbors as to how to best make their plans work without infringing on neighboring ears and privacy. So far, if the plans go through, the rooftop patio will include a large fence around the perimeter to help cut back on some of the potential noise pollution.

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