St. Petersburg Restaurant named one of USA Today's 10 best vodka bars

A peek into St. Petersburg Restaurant & Vodka Bar
A peek into St. Petersburg Restaurant & Vodka Bar
Photo courtesy of St. Petersburg

Robbinsdale is quickly gaining a lot of national attention and this time it has nothing to do with the

Travailian revolution

that's been going on over there. This week, USA Today named

St. Petersburg Restaurant & Vodka Bar

to its list of the 

10 best vodka bars in the country

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"Today more than ever, vodka drinking is considered multifaceted and nuanced," the article states. The piece then goes on to explain the growing trend of vodka drinking across the country and calls out several bars across the United States that specialize in the spirit.

"St. Petersburg Restaurant and Vodka Bar offers Russian hospitality, an extensive selection of Russian vodka, and a wide array of traditional dishes to nibble while sipping the smooth libations. With 100 different vodkas and chilled flight combinations, guests can discover for themselves which Russian region has the most interesting tastes and intriguing flavors."

Other vodka bars on the list include Sub Zero Vodka Bar in St. Louis, Czar Ice Bar in Atlanta, and Red Square in Las Vegas.

The article also articulates the nuances of American and Russian appreciation of vodka. Louis Aceves, general manager of Las Vegas's Red Square, says, "For Russians, it is culturally acceptable to drink vodka every day, while Americans view it as more of a social activity and typically indulge in vodka for special occasions and in the evening while hanging out with friends. Traditionally, Russians drink vodka straight, cold, and not shaken or mixed."

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