St. Paul's Hmong Village offers food galore! See our new slideshow.

Hmong Village, now open.

Hmong Village, now open.

Walking through the new Hmong Village in St Paul's East Side is truly a unique experience. Like the Hmongtown Marketplace on Como and Marion, the sheer volume and variety of food is astonishing with 35 produce vendors and 17 restaurants. Endless bubble teas, medicinal herbs and roots, and beautiful traditional dishes from many parts of Asia including Thailand, Vietnam and Laos are offered at incredibly reasonable prices. The produce area brings a year-round farmer's market to the scene, as well. Walking through the astonishing assortment of goodies, you will swear you are no longer in Minnesota. To take a tour of the new Hmong Village see our all new slideshow.

Hmong Village

1001 Johnson Parkway, St. Paul