St. Paul's Copper Dome closed, will reopen as Coffee Cup on Randolph

Neighbors Elite Repeat share in the excitement as Coffee Cup on Randolph renovates the former Copper Dome space.

Neighbors Elite Repeat share in the excitement as Coffee Cup on Randolph renovates the former Copper Dome space. Facebook / Elite Repeat

It’s been a weird year for fans of St. Paul’s Copper Dome.

As City Pages reported back in June, an ownership change had thrown the neighborhood breakfast joint, established in 1960, into a particularly confusing limbo. From January to June, signage and menus bore monikers of both the Dome and its shorter-lived, previous incarnation, the Randolph Griddle. Few understood what was going on, but the eggs continued to be cracked, pancakes were flipped, and its erstwhile owners (Lisa Peirson and Sandy Holm) promised the confusion would be ironed out tout suite.

And it has… just not in the way we’d imagined. 

The Dome has changed hands once again. This time it’s come into possession of Amanda Elazab, owner of the Rice Street breakfast institution Coffee Cup. After Coffee Cup on Rice suffered a devastating electrical fire this past July, Elazab confirmed with City Pages she's acquired the former Dome.

While remodeling from the fire on Rice, Elazab told City Pages, she “found this Randolph space was for sale, fell in love with the area, and decided to turn it into a second Coffee Cup location!”

Elazab is excited to put Coffee Cup’s collective diner experience to work serving the Mac-Groveland and Highland Park neighborhoods. 

But, as with most progress, there’s a catch. When the Dome re-debuts (with a grand opening scheduled for 6 a.m. January 11, 2020), it won’t be called “the Copper Dome” anymore. It will become “Coffee Cup on Randolph.” 

Still, people nearest to the breakfast joint are pumped. In a post from just last week, across-the-street-neighbors Elite Repeat shared a picture of Coffee Cup’s banner flying over the former Copper Dome awnings, expressing their congratulations and excitement. They effervesce, “We have a new neighbor! Welcome Coffee Cup on Randolph—opening in January” followed by a big ol’ heart-eye emoji.

Who wouldn’t be? Coffee Cup is taking over where the Dome left off and running with it. 

In a menu preview shared by Elazab, breakfast—including a bunch of omelets, chicken and waffles, pancakes, and more—will be served all day, with food options ranging beyond traditional "morning" fare to include a bevvy of sandwiches, burgers, and full-on dinner specials. 

Renovations are already underway, and Elazab says she's aiming for a “bit of a mix, but we want to make sure to have our coffee counter really give a classic diner feel” in the final aesthetic. They’re in the process of updating the floors and adding “red booths and a coffee counter with retro-style stools,” which lets them modernize the space without losing its essence. 

We'll have to wait and see, but it doesn’t sound too good for all those vintage flour sacks…



Coffee Cup on Randolph
1333 Randolph Ave., St. Paul