St. Paul school food "quietly making real progress"


An article about school food in the July/August issue of the Atlantic (not yet online, sorry peeps) recognizes St. Paul Public Schools' efforts to make healthier meals for the district's 40,000 students. The disctrict "uses a central kitchen to make from-scratch meals," the article says, "and removed à la carte junk food." Its approach, the article continues (which is led by Minnesota School Nutrition Association President Jean Ronnei) "runs in the black" and was part of a U of M study that concluded that healthy doesn't have to mean spendy. This isn't the first time St. Paul has won mention for its school eats. The district also has a great website, with cafeteria profiles (!) and recipes for student faves like corn and barley ensalada, roasted rosemary potatoes, and its famous banana chocolate chip bread.