St. Paul Pop! gone to the great hereafter

The recently shuttered St. Paul Pop! location will be permanently closed, according to the Pioneer Press . The restaurant occupied the corner of Sixth and Wabasha for two years in St. Paul's Lowertown neighborhood, following the demise of its predecessor, Fhima's--another restaurant that couldn't find momentum in the space.

It seems unlikely that a third restaurant attempt in the space will be the charm. Cecile Bedor, director of St. Paul's Department of Planning and Economic Development, is quoted in the article as saying, ""The space has never been solely about a restaurant, but it made sense after David Fhima left because it still had all the restaurant equipment. This time, we're looking for something that will attract people to the downtown vibrancy and that can pay the rent." Anyone care to place bets on likely new tenants?

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