St. Paul makes its way toward Sunday sales in taprooms

St. Paul could soon allow Sunday sales in taprooms
St. Paul could soon allow Sunday sales in taprooms

If things go well, and so far it looks like they will, St. Paul will soon join the list of cities that allow local craft breweries to sell their beers on Sundays. Earlier this year, Governor Dayton signed into law a bill that would allow breweries to sell their beers in their taprooms on Sundays pending city approval. So far Minneapolis and St. Louis Park have jumped on board, but it wasn't until a week ago that St. Paul City Council member Amy Brendmoen introduced an ordinance that would allow for the extra day of sales.

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There was a public hearing last Wednesday in St. Paul, but the official vote won't be conducted until sometime in early August. The battle for Sunday sales has been a long one in the state and while liquor stores, grocery stores, and other non-bar retailers still can't sell booze on Sundays, taprooms have been rallying for an exception. If the ordinance passes, it would also apply to cocktail rooms located in micro-distilleries.

Initially the Sunday sales for taprooms provision was tied to a much broader bill, which would have allowed for Sunday sales across the board. After blowback from the Teamsters Union, who claim that the passage of the bill could interfere with contractual obligations, the bill was killed and the allowance for taprooms spun off into its own measure.

If everything goes through, the ordinance would require a special license for Sunday sales along with a $200 fee for micro-brewers and a $600 fee for micro-distillers, which would allow them to sell their alcoholic beverages from 10 a.m. on Sunday morning until 1 a.m. on Monday morning.

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