St. Paul Grill now serving 'rum flights'


Nothing fits together quite like alcohol and science. But our favorite drinking game of watching the Discovery Channel and taking a shot every time we hear "Einstein's theory of relativity" is getting a little old. Thankfully, the St. Paul Grill has a new way of combining two of our favorite interests. In honor of the nearby Science Museum's exhibit "Real Pirates," the grill is offering a special flight of three Caribbean rums.

The Grill is offering the flight through May. It's a great way to learn more about rum and sample three distinct flavor profiles from the Caribbean, the center of rum production and, apparently, pirates.

Rum is usually distilled from sugarcane molasses and aged for at least a year--sometimes much longer--and ideally in wooden casks. The Grill's will be offering one-ounce pours of three representative brands:

Plantation Trinidad 2000, a very smooth, copper-colored rum aged in casks for nine years. It is said to be a "delicate rum that displays oaky, almost smoky notes enhanced by orange caramel and a palate of toasted nuts, old leather and slightly herby

Plantation Barbados 2000, a dark amber blend of rums, some of which is brewed in batches in the preferred pot stills, and aged in bourbon and sherry casks. The Grill describes it as "a succulent nose of vanilla, coconut, passion fruit, and ripe banana and a harmonious palate of tropical fruit and oaky notes."

Plantation Panama 2000, another rum aged for nine years in bourbon casks, then finished in cognac barrels. The Grill detects "herby notes of thyme and eucalyptus followed by pineapple and banana" in the nose, with a taste of "eucalyptus and tropical fruit flavors" and "notes of oak, vanilla and honey."

You won't need a chest of silver for this flight--it will cost you just $15.

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