St. Paul couple sues wedding caterer for vegan 'disaster'


Kevin and Siara Williams, who got hitched in St. Paul last spring, were about as happy with their wedding caterer as the couple seen here. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Trying to make a point with tofu is hard enough.

To do so on your wedding day is doubly risky, as one pair of deeply unsatisfied Twin Cities customers will tell you -- and maybe, someday, a courtroom. Newlyweds Kevin and Siara Williams got hitched in St. Paul last spring, and had such a bad time they're suing their caterer to the tune of $150,000-plus, KSTP reports.

The couple had planned on surprising their wedding guests by sneakily serving them vegan food, according to their lawsuit complaint, a conceit that would only be revealed after the meal, when diners received a card informing them about the food. Their lawsuit says servers spoiled the plot by telling people certain items were not available because they weren't vegan, and that the bride had "mandated a vegan wedding," per KSTP. 

Let's also assume the following exchange happened a couple times:

"Excuse me, what is this I'm eating?"

"Shhhhh." [Runs away.]

The couple might have forgiven the lack of surprise if they'd enjoyed the food. But their lawsuit alleges the company, Mintahoe Catering, which was contractually obligated to serve a "delicious" meal, instead cooked up a "disaster."

Tofu wasn't crispy, noodles were "extremely overcooked (mush)," flatbread pizza was "nasty and inedible," a curry dish had too many carrots, too few bamboo shoots, and was "unidentifiable as [curry]" anyway, KSTP reports. One diner got "very ill" after eating seitan (a wheat-based meat substitute), which he or she had been led to believe was gluten-free. A peanut sauce was "sickeningly sweet."

They're not done! The Williamses also say some guests were never served cake (!), and that the bride's father was denied service of water, and instead told to retrieve it himself, among other alleged "horrendous" service errors. The lawsuit, which also names A'Bulae LLC, and Bellagala, lists seven counts of breach of contract, each of which should cost the defendants $21,721, the couple says, with a final amount to be set at trial.

One passage in the suit says the groom stormed into the kitchen to confront catering employees, who he says admitted the experience was not going as planned.

The caterers did not respond to KSTP's requests for comments. According to its website, Mintahoe -- a name that demands careful pronunciation -- offers customers "peace of mind," with "endless capabilities." Do those capabilities include decent vegan Thai food and not (allegedly) telling the father of the bride that if he's so thirsty, he should just go get his own damn water? Let's click on Mintahoe's "weddings" page and find out!


"Whoops!" indeed.

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