St. Paul Classic Cookie closed until further notice

Cookie baking is on hold for the time being
Cookie baking is on hold for the time being
Craig McNitt for St. Paul Classic Cookie Co.

Have you ever craved something sweet after polishing off your Foxy Falafel sandwich? Did you decide to nab a chocolate chip, peanut butter, or ginger cookie from the foxy truck? Then you've had a cookie baked by the team at St. Paul Classic Cookies. Haven't had the pleasure of that classic cookie experience? Well, unfortunately it looks like it may be a while before you have your next chance.

This morning the bakery announced that, as of today, they are closed until further notice. 

Like many other small businesses, the company was hit hard during the recession and was forced to close for a brief period in 2009. They reopened the bakery in 2010 but stated that ongoing financial problems and issues with construction of the light rail line on University have been hard hurdles to overcome. 

The company issued a statement on its website, confirming that the city of St. Paul has revoked their operational license:

We have had almost every piece of our equipment break down this summer, and we continue to keep on keeping on. However, the city took our license away yesterday and we cannot open again until it is paid, which is $714 with all the late fees and we are at zero right now. We also have an impending electric bill, which is not going to be paid because we can't open the shop to bake cookies and other bills which are due soon. We still believe in what we are doing and we have a glimmer of hope that something will work out.

Taking a cue from their former neighbors, Caribe Bistro, bakery owner Katie Novotny has started a Kickstarter fund to keep the business going. Their immediate goal of $10,000 would be used to upgrade and repair broken equipment.

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