St. Paul church picnic: A side of police misconduct?


What would you do if a cop called your mom a fat ass while you were dining at your church picnic? 

According to the Pioneer Press, some questionable police conduct arose on Sunday at a Frogtown church picnic when a group of teenagers became involved in an assault with sticks.

Police responded to a report of one juvenile being hit with sticks by four other juveniles. Officer Joel Johnston responded to the report, cited 11-year old Tyrell Tucker for disorderly conduct, and was going to release him to his mother, Edna Waddle. As Johnston approached Waddle to have her sign off on the release, he reportedly stated: 

'What kind of (expletive) mother are you? You've got your fat (expletive) up at the (expletive) picnic table eating at the buffet when your son just assaulted somebody." 

At that point, Tucker's 15-year-old brother Tyree Tucker tried to defend his mother by stating:

"Don't say that to my mother. You're an officer. We're going to get your badge number and have a complaint pulled on you.... You dumb bastard."

At that point Johnston told Tyree Tucker that he was under arrest, and as Tucker moved away from the officer, the officer reportedly slammed him against a tree and then down to the ground, then put him in a choke hold. 

At that point another picnic attendee captured the remainder of the arrest on his cellphone in the following video, though he says "the very worst" of the incident had already happened. 

St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith "has seen the video, he's aware of the situation, he's aware of the community concern around it," said police spokesman Steve Linders. 

See the video here: