St. Patrick's Day's best Irish eating and drinking

Ladies and gentlemen, start your slicing!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your slicing!

Sure, you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, but, no, you can't spend the entire day subsisting on green beer.

We'd recommend a few other Irish-appropriate beverages plus several foodstuffs to sop up some of that alcohol--and help you rebound from the inevitable hangover.


5. Corned Beef Every Irish joint in town should have this on the menu tomorrow, so get yourself to any one of them-- Kip's Pub (they'll start pouring green beer at 8 a.m.), Keegans, etc.--for some of the luscious, salty pink stuff.

4. Irish Breakfast at Anchor Fish & Chips So you'll have to save this one for the weekend--it might take you that long to recover from your hangover, no?--but the Irish breakfast at Anchor Fish & Chips is worth the wait. The Full Whack is a oversize plate loaded with eggs, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, Heinz beans, fried potato bread, plus bangers, rashers, and black-and-white pudding (those last items are cured meats and sausages).

3. Shamrock Shake Sure it's a little lowbrow, but McDonald's synthetic minty-creamy drinks taste like childhood, and their annual arrival is one of the first signs of spring. They're not available at every store, but the McDonald's at E. Lake St. and 35W is shilling them on the sign.

2. Brau Brothers Moo Juice Oatmeal Milk Stout Skip the Guinness in favor of a locally brewed alternative, Brau Brother's new Moo Juice Oatmeal Milk Stout. For a map of Brau retailers, click here.


1. 2 Gingers Whiskey Whiskey drinking is also a requirement on St. Paddy's. Get to one of Kieran Folliard's pubs to try his just-released 2 Gingers Whiskey.

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