Sssdude-Nutz ditches Dinkytown doughnut shop, goes full-on food truck

Do you go nuts for doughnuts? Look at these dandies from Sssdude-Nutz.

Do you go nuts for doughnuts? Look at these dandies from Sssdude-Nutz. Facebook

Sssdude-Nutz is hitting the road. Permanently.

The popular Dinkytown doughnut shop ditched its storefront in May following conflicts between owner Bradley Taylor the building's landlord, the Minnesota Daily reports.

Taylor spent the summer roving around the Twin Cities in the Sssdude-Nutz food truck, and he's planning to keep the business on wheels. 

“Right now, the truck is doing really well,” he told the Daily on Thursday. “I knew if I closed the [Minneapolis] shop it wasn’t like it was the end of everything.”

Earlier this year, Canadian doughnut super-chain Tim Horton's opened two doors down from Sssdude-Nutz, presumably making the brick-'n'-motor location even less attractive to Taylor. 

A sidewalk sandwich board reading "Our donutz are better than Molly" helped potential customers distinguish the fun-loving indie shop from the corporate giant. Additionally, Sssdude-Nutz is known for (literal and figurative) over-the-top toppings on its square-shaped treats -- Girl Scout cookies, Fruity Pebbles, cheese curds, Butterfingers, et. al.

“I think we will always have a strong student base because [chain stores] can’t move like us,” Taylor told City Pages in February.

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