Squeal and/or groan accordingly: Minneapolis is officially getting a cat cafe

Judging by those eyes, this kitty has clearly had more than enough coffee.

Judging by those eyes, this kitty has clearly had more than enough coffee. Cafe Meow Facebook

Look, we love our cats... even if owning one is an easy way to ensure you never again enjoy an at-home cup of coffee that isn't garnished with fur.

Nonetheless, we totally get the allure of cat cafes. We're all for making adoptable animals even more adoptable by plying people with caffeine, and a few cute kittens can be very good for your Instagram brand. And lord knows you good people are ready for one -- you shelled out almost $17,000 to support the initial Kickstarter for The Cafe Meow, the first cat cafe in the state.

So we've been watching closely over the last year-plus as the Cafe Meow team was batted around like so much yarn in their efforts to secure a location. First there were the zoning problems. Then, investors backed out earlier this year, which had the cat and coffee concept looking unlikely until some "amazing people in the community" rescued it with their financial support.

Finally, according to an October 2 blog post from cafe staff, it looks like they've signed a lease for a ground-level space at 2317 Hennepin Ave.

As City Pages previously reported, Cafe Meow will keep it local on the food and drink side, with coffee from Bootstrap Coffee Roasters, tea from Northern Lights Tea, and an assortment of sugary treats from the Minneapolis-based bakery My Sister’s Sweets.

The first cat cafe in the U.S. opened in California in 2014, and since then dozens of other states have combined cats and caffeine. But as the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal notes, doing so requires navigating lots of legal loops. And there was that Boston cat-fe concept that received viral infamy last month after an adoption agency called out the owner for being a not so great person. (It's a really bad sign when you make it to the "drama" subreddit.)

No word just yet on when Cafe Meow will officially debut, but the team has a tentative fall opening listed in its FAQs.