Spyhouse Coffee in Downtown Minneapolis? Depends on How Badly You Want It


Spyhouse launches 2,000 cup challenge to gauge local demand for damn good coffee

A few weeks back we wrote a little post about a three-week-long Spyhouse pop-up pouring free coffee just on the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis. With only a few days left for the pop-up, Spyhouse is trying its damnedest to give away 2,000 cups before it all comes to an end.

Why? Spyhouse owner Christian Johnson has decided that if they can make it to 2,000 cups by 11 a.m. on Saturday, they'll opt to make the pop-up location at 811 Glenwood Ave. permanent.

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The pop-up officially started on October 13, but the 2,000 cup challenge was a fairly last minute idea.

"We've been looking at other locations across the city, so on Sunday, I had this idea," explains Johnson, "We kind of decided to put the question to the public. If we can find out if we can sustain that cafe in such a remote area, we'll open up a shop. I had the baristas write it on the board on Monday morning."

While they haven't hit their target number just yet, Johnson says that they're definitely well on their way. "I'm not the one that's been keeping track of the exact count, but I know for a fact that it's been growing exponentially since Monday. The number has more than doubled since then," tells Johnson.


Get your free coffee and help Spyhouse decide if they should keep their pop-up location

The owner of 811 Glenwood also owns the building that houses Spyhouse Northeast, so the two have a working relationship. If Spyhouse decides to stay, the plan would be to build out the coffee shop and model it after a small, New York-style cafe. They would also plan on upgrading the equipment that they currently have onsite in order to offer their full line of caffeinated beverages.

Right now the area has several businesses, but no coffee, so the addition seems like a natural fit.

The pop-up has two days left, today and tomorrow, and runs from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., so get in and get your free coffee now, especially if you could use a more permanent boost in that area of town.

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