Sprout Salad Co: Good, but not better than yours


When they ask if you want a little piece of Lavash on your salad, say yes. Gluten be damned.

On trend: tossed salads, your way, on the go. And why not? Way back a long time ago, it was salad bars, but now we live in the age of people doing stuff for us, all the time — outsourcing, delivery services, apps for that. Why build your own salad? Just tell a guy what you want, and he'll take care of it! 

And obviously the skyway is just the place for this, because you gotta be back at the desk quick-like to send the report and lead the conference call and woman cannot live on power alone. And it's Monday, and at brunch yesterday you had two bloodies and a dirty martini PLUS the lox Benedict, so now its penance time. 

Sprout is one of the many salad places to have, um, sprouted in the skyway system over the past year or so, and later we're gonna do a definitive roundup of who does it best.

 But for now, how did Sprout do? 

The servers are the sort of folks that make you think: "Hmm. Is this a good place to work? Because it seems like it's a good place to work." They're sprightly, smiling, helpful, and on the spot. 

The menu is broken down like this: "Classics" (Caesar, Cobb, etc.), "Light and Fun" (otherwise known as healthy — 300 calories or less; not my idea of fun at all but it's your life), and "Foodie" (otherwise known as ethnic — Korean, Mexican, Argentine). 


Tell the guy what to put in your salad. He'll put it in there.

Being the classic kind of girl I am, I jumped on the Cobb, because you know, bacon, blue cheese, and avocado. And not coincidentally, the most caloric selection on the menu at 485, but still, not bad for a generously proportioned lunch. 

And it was good. Not great good, but good enough, and the worst I can say about it is that it lacked seasoning, and tasted a mite better with a healthy toss of salt and pepper. There was enough bacon and blue cheese to make me question that calorie count, but whatever, that was the best part. And just because I'm a stickler when someone tacks the word "classic" onto a thing, I expect it to be so. A classic Cobb salad does not — never ever — arrive with canned black olives, nor French dressing, so keep a keen eye if you are a stickler, too. I asked them to sub out the dressing for a "light" chipotle cilantro ranch, adding 115 calories to the mix. It didn't taste like much, and the salad was a bit wet, but hey, it was a salad. 

That's what we can say about Sprout, thus far: You'll get a salad that a guy enthusiastically makes for you, and it ain't bad, but you can make one better at home. But then you'd be making it yourself! Which misses the point. Then again, maybe this is good inspiration to return to the DIY movement, at least when it comes to lunch. 

Sprout is also serving wraps, soups, spring rolls, lemonade, and snacks. 

555 Nicollet Mall, Suite 295

Minneapolis, MN 55402



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