Spotted Cow: A cream ale firmly rooted in Wisconsin agriculture

Spotted Cow: A cream ale firmly rooted in Wisconsin agriculture
Loren Green

In keeping with the summer drink theme, Wisconsin favorite Spotted Cow, a cream ale from New Glarus Brewing Company, is light in color and smooth to drink, so it's easy to pour a few back while relaxing on a patio somewhere. The beer itself is sold in Wisconsin only -- another reason we associate Spotted Cow with summertime, as it's often picked up by Land of 10,000 Lakes residents while on vacation in our neighbor state to the east.

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The beer pours a light yellow lager color with a cloudy touch. The head is foamy and white and the aroma is agricultural: corn, a hint of grass, malt, and barley. While many cream ales have a strong cream forward taste similar to cream sodas, the cream here is mostly in mouthfeel, so this light beer coats the tongue without dominating the grains.

Spotted Cow is a very malt-based beer with barley notes. There are subtle fruits in the background, but this is a farmhouse ale that embraces its farming ties. There's a reason why Spotted Cow is so easy to find in Wisconsin stores (and nearly all highway gas stations) -- it's a high quality and very accessible beer.

Twin Cities fans can head east to find it at Moose Lodge, Stone Tap, and Carbones Pizzeria in Hudson or at Brickyard Pub and No Name Saloon in Prescott.

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