Spoonriver unveils the Toddy Caliente, an original hot cocktail

Spoonriver's version of a hot toddy

Spoonriver's version of a hot toddy

Toddy Caliente



750 S. 2nd St., Minneapolis


The Hot Dish stopped into Spoonriver and was lucky enough to get in on a brand-new hot cocktail that it now has on its drink menu. Called a Toddy Caliente, it gets its kick from tequila, which is different from the usual array of whiskey-based hot winter libations. Mixed with a healthy dose of lime juice and sweetened with agave syrup, it is garnished with lime zest and pomegranate seeds (although Brenda herself told us the garnish may change based on what is seasonal).

So, is the tequila-based Toddy Caliente at Spoonriver truly a cure for the winter doldrums?

[jump] While the lime zest was a bit unruly, the rest of the hot concoction was just what the doctor ordered for a snowy, cold evening. A touch of sweetness and lime softened the tequila's edge and lent to the drink's overall mid-winter resort feel. As we sat comfortably at the bar in Mill City, the unlikely heat of the Toddy Caliente made us feel we were at an oasis in the snowstorm. Drinking in the flavors that traditionally grace icy poolside cocktails made for a delicious confusion of our taste buds. And the warming quality of the Milagro Tequila definitely took the chill out of us.