Splendid Table's "Locavore Nation" wraps


After voluntarily subjecting themselves to eating 80 percent locally produced foods for a year, the 15 participants in the Splendid Table's "Locavore Nation" have been released from captivity and are free to go back to eating Corn Nuts and powdered mini donuts.

Two Midwesterners, Sareen Dunleavy-Keenan and Gina Keenan-Klages (both mothers, from Minneapolis and Eau Claire, respectively), were among those who subjected their spouses and small children to this seemingly unnatural feat of natural pursuit.

They are not women of militant, steely resolve like you might expect. They are reasonable, humorous. And at the end of the day, they show it can (well, more or less) be done. "I am here to tell you that being a locavore doesn't have to be a fancy schmancy thing," says Dunleavy-Keenan in a November post.

You can retrace their steps on the "Splendid Table" site, where the entire year's worth of blogs are still archived.