Spill the Wine Has Closed

Spill the Wine may have emptied their final bottles.

Spill the Wine may have emptied their final bottles.

We received tips from two readers today that Uptown's Spill the Wine is shutting its doors. According to one:

"Employees at Spill the Wine in Uptown just got a closing email from the owners. They closed last night with no notification. The place is officially closed and a new place called Tinto Cocina + Cantina may be open within a week or two."

After multiple calls we received phone confirmation from a restaurant employee who preferred to remain anonymous that the closing news is true. They did not wish to comment further and would not confirm if another concept will open in the space.

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The restaurant moved to the Lyn/Lake Uptown location last year from its former Washington Avenue digs where it did business for six years.

The concept, as the name indicates, gave wine center stage, offering over 30 varietals by the glass. Could the dining public's wandering eye toward beer and craft cocktails have contributed to their demise?

The restaurant website is still up and running and the voicemail is still taking messages as of today.

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We will continue to follow the story.