Special Drinks of the Week: the Clinton Concession edition

Special Drinks of the Week: the Clinton Concession edition

Tonight, Twin Cities denizens, we have a front seat at living history -- and who wants to face history sober? Not you, not me, and probably not Hillary Clinton either.

If the reports are correct, Clinton will concede that Barack Obama has won enough delegates to secure the nomination. His speech tonight in St. Paul will serve as notice of victory. If you're like us (and God help you if you are), you'll want to be awash in liquid refreshment for this moment. Here are five cocktails to get the fuse of democracy lit inside you.

5. The Clinton Concession: Angostura Bitters, sour mix, Southern Comfort, and Red Bull. Garnish with hazelnuts and lots of ice.

Besides the obvious reasons for including bitters, Trinidadians use water and the Angostura variety to cure an upset stomach. Hillary herself might do well with that folk remedy tonight. The nuts are, of course, for Bill. Southern Comfort is in memory of Clinton's "southern strategy" of appealing to white folks. Red Bull is so she may retain energy to campaign on regardless. Which foreshadows the last drink ...

4. The Clinton Long Island Ice Tea 1 part tequila 1 part rum 1 part gin 1 part triple sec 1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix 1 splash Coca-Cola®

In honor of Clinton returning to her job as senator from New York. A regular Long Island Ice Tea is usually also made with vodka, but this recipe comes up one ingredient short.

3. The Clintonini 1-1/2 oz vodka 1 oz. Sour Grape Kool-Aid

On a night like this, Hills will need a stiff drink. Terry McAuliffe has noted that she can really knock 'em back, and she'll need a no-chaser number like this one. As for the Kool-Aid, she's been drinking it this far -- why stop now? Sour Grape flavor for effect.

2. The Faux Congratulation: Alexis Bailly Ice Wine, garnished with James Carville's tears.

This is what Hillary may use to toast the Democratic nominee. Ice wine is sweet and appropriate for a "cheers," but is also forged in cold. The Carville tears are rare and expensive, but worth every penny.

1. The Fight On: Absinthe (complete with wormwood) chased with Irish coffee.

In case the reports are erroneous and Hillary chooses to stay the course, she'll need absinthe -- the real stuff, with the hallucinogenic ingredient -- and all the caffeine and booze a body can handle. Bottoms up!

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