Spearfishing legislation proposes letting in outsiders



Ice spearfishing is another Minnesota winter sport I am still unable to quite wrap my mind around (among the laundry list of others, including curling, broom ball, snowshoeing -- even cross country skiing).

But apparently people successfully spear fish from frozen bodies of water here, and quite enthusiastically.

I'm from Iowa and in the winter, we prefer to quietly play euchre. Hockey is considered exotic.

Minnesota is poised to impart its knowledge of the frozen pastime to others, however, maybe even including Iowans. A bill has been introduced that would allow "non-residents" to spear fish in the state.

Currently only Minnesota natives are allowed to partake in the sport.


If it passes, it could provide some sorely-needed dough for state coffers. Fishing licenses cost $37.50.

Find some pike recipes here. The chowder sounds fairly delish.