Sparrow Cafe: A first look

A colorful cup of pick me up
A colorful cup of pick me up

This corner has been a challenge for coffee shops. The former Adagio (and before that Dragonfly) space has been spruced up and is ever hopeful that this will become the spot for neighborhood coffee lovers to land. Sparrow Cafe opened on New Year's Day, filled with stunning sparrow-laden murals by local artists

Broken Crow

. The cozy interior has a modest amount of comfortable chairs and tables as well as a couch and coffee table stocked with board games.

Birds abound
Birds abound

Sparrow Cafe is owned and operated by Sheila and Jasper Rajendren.  Jasper has a history in the hospitality industry, working in coffee shops as well as restaurants. His counter service is bright, friendly, and welcoming. They are also quick with a coffee pour, so important in the early morning.  Cappuccinos and lattes are adorned with floral foam artistry that also add a little smile to your morning.

The coffee is all fair trade and locally roasted. The food, for now, is all contained in the pastry case. Angel Food Bakery supplies the bacon-topped long Johns: crunchy, salty pork balanced on the fried dough frosted with a sugar-crunch maple swipe. Chez Arnaud supplies the decadent, soft, and crunchy almond croissants.

On the day we visited, Sparow was offering one soup, a creamy white chili. The cafe's plan is to expand to more soups and sandwiches.

For now, it's a lovely little spot to grab a morning coffee and admire the birds. 

Sparrow Cafe
5001 Penn Ave. S., Minneapolis
612. 353.5177;

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