Sparks will Replace Your Recalled Sabra with Their Scratch-Made Hummus and Pita, Free!

Sparks pita bread gets cooked in their wood-fired pizza oven

Sparks pita bread gets cooked in their wood-fired pizza oven

Did you get burned on the recent Sabra recall? Do you have a tub of Seriously Spicy festering in the fridge right now, unsure what to do with it? Well, we did, and this is a good reminder to buy local.

Sparks restaurant is giving us a little nudge. Just provide some evidence: a receipt, a picture, even just your word, and they will give you an order of their freshly made hummus (and pita!) on the house.

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Owner Jon hunt is using this national recall as a an opportunity to remind us all of the wonder that is fresh hummus:

"Our hummus is made fresh every day, right here in our restaurant," said Hunt. "I invite anyone forced to throw away store-bought hummus to come to Sparks and try our fresh-made hummus and taste the difference."

Hummus is edging up against salsa as the nation's favorite condiment, and many of us eat it every day. But ain't nothing like the real thing.

The offer only extends through this Saturday, the 11th, and is not available for takeout.

Bonus: Their divine house-made pita is wood-fired.

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