SPAM's doing well, so is Malt-O-Meal

You've probably heard that Spam's Austin plant is busy cranking out cans faster than you can say "economic recession," but another Minnesota foodmaker, Northfield's Malt-O-Meal, has also seen its products flying off the grocery store shelves.

As KSTP reports, cereal sales are booming and Malt-O-Meal can barely keep up with demand.

In the past, I think Malt-O-Meal's bagged cereals had a certain stigma to them--cereal in a bag was like the discount knockoff, not as "sophisticated" as cereal in a box. But today, as people become more concerned about excessive packaging, buying local, and saving money, chances are that negative impression is quickly being overcome. Looking at Malt-O-Meal's nifty product comparison chart, their cereals often boast about 25% savings compared to the dominant brand.

In the hot cereal arena, Malt-O-Meal has always been a favorite of mine: it's a warm, fortifying breakfast that stores easily in the workplace pantry and can be cooked in just a few minutes--and provides a mezmerizing performance of puffs and bubbles through the microwave window. Just be sure to stir every 30 seconds or so lest your bowl be infested with glumpy lumps...Wait, don't tell me you're one of theose people who actually prefer the lumps...I'll bet you like the chocolate version, too.

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